1. Gabe

    No mention of HTC’s new flagship phones with dual core processors? Esp the Evo 3D?

    They put out almost unreal benchmarks, and will be the phone to beat this summer (and support 4G for each carrier)

  2. Jeroen

    [quote]Which one’s your pick?[/quote]

    Well.. that’s an easy one, have the 2X now for over a month, and I am really happy with it.

    Excellent phone for a very reasonable price ( 2/3 of an iphone4 lowest spec )

  3. vince

    i tried to check how responsive iphone is. I go to mac store at megamall and check the products. I can’t believe that it can’t even load map that fast. it can’t even tell you your location in an instant. also they say responsive? I check it together with my HTC Desire and I was shocked that it doesn’t even come close to the responsiveness of my phone. even by opening an app, turning page, opening a message and everything. I can’t see the reason why so many are so in love with iphone. even other customers saw what i was doing and most of them agreed that it was not that FAST as they claim.

    • technobaboy

      this is not to say that you are wrong. but did you check if both phones’ caches were clean when you loaded the apps? i think that would have been the best way to compare speed.

  4. technobaboy

    iphone is a good OS. i love that it is cohesive. and the iphone design is really good. for customization and variety, though, android is king.

    • rr

      I agree. i got bored with iPhone so I switched to android a week ago and im loving it. if not for Cydia i would have switched long time ago. One comment though, you got to have the best and fastest phone hardware to make it perform buttery smooth as iPhone.

      • technobaboy

        haha. same reason i dumped my first gen iphone. i got bored with it. but the iphone now is much better. but even so, android really is a very good OS. so manyn things to do. my only gripe is there is no perfect hardware design for android. if Android were loaded into an iPhone 4 body, that would have been perfect!

    • Sam

      iOS’s smooth performance is of no doubt. However, it is because that iPhones do not have to access to external memory since they don’t offer an expandable memory slot. I’m wondering how would Apple incorporate an external memory slot to the current iPhone 4 without slowing down the phone.

    • Pinoy Persuasion

      iPhone loads webpages slower than Android phones, and there are so many restrictions to it. No wonder Android is now the no.1 platform.

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