1. Customers are the ones who benefit the most in the competition among the telecoms company. Each company will provide better service than the other in order to gain more customers.

  2. spa

    im using globe 4g kit but havent experience that kind of speed.. there is a hspa+ signal in our area still browsing in a speed of 300kbps..download rate minsan 9kbps lang..my goodness wat a speed!..ahahaha

  3. freefall

    LTE will not have any use right now because its NOT backward compatible to existing mobile devices and sad to say that LTE capable devices wont be available in the very near future…

  4. amang

    “If SMART delivers its promised speed of 50mbps, then there is no doubt it will move further ahead of Globe in 4G mobile broadband.”

    that is IF they can (we can just dream)… but i doubt, they have a the “most” crappy service. they are the 2nd pang masa telco. 1st is SUN which is now acquired (51.55% shares) by PLDT/Smart.

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