1. Montoto00

    Don’t buy it . It stinks, it doesn’t have the Google store for apps, it will not play any format of video that out there, I don’t know what videos will open. I try to return it at PC Richards (another winner) and they told me to contact the manufacturer, I sent them 5 e-mails and no answer, I don’t believe they are a real company.

  2. Arctablet

    There’s a complete review here: http://www.arctablet.com/blog/featured/arnova-7-budget-tablet-review/

  3. Messie

    Hooooly Crap! When will this come out? Okay na siguro ito for light web browsing and book reading. Pano po iyung battery life? If this one can score a battery life of above 6 hours, then it will definitely be a hit.

    You can buy archos from CMK or Villman.Nga pala, there is already an Archos 7″ tablet priced at 8,800. The Archos 7c which has 8gb internal memory and 7″ capacitve screen running with 800mhz under the hood and comes with Android 2.1 eclair out of the box. Mas okay siguro iyun considering the capacitive touch screen and the additional 4gb memory. Siguro naman upgradeable din iyun to froyo 2.2.

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