1. krystxander

    You forgot one more reason.
    It’s ALOT easier to sign up for Google+ than facebook.
    With facebook, I was having trouble trying to confirm my Email!

  2. Anonymous

    I think some of it’s characteristics are better than Facebook, it looks better, it’s better in the way that you can manage who sees your posts and it’s more fun to post photos.
    I think with Google circles though, you can miss some good posts that may not be in that particular circle. I definately think Facebook is better than Google+, and I don’t think there’s much chance of Google+ taking over for a long time, if at all. There’s an amusing article that shows that Google managers barely even use Google+ themselves http://www.lucidica.com/blog/cto/management-of-google-dont-seem-to-love-google/

    • Stb Hrnndz

      Why is Facebook better?, you mean, for you?… and everytime someone brings me the yegger post, yes, that guy, the guy from Google, yes… Google, who happen to be an engineer, yes he, who didn’t know crap what he was reffering about, just had a short sighted grudge while giving away the experiences you have to have before talking bad about something you don’t even know how to use, either, you yourself, try to educate a bit better before bringing link into arguments as statement to your claims…

      http://goo.gl/U26m2, here, now, try again.

      Google ecosystem > Facebook ecosystem, resistance is futile.

  3. Miadumlao

    I still think Facebook is better because it is very user friendly and cool! The Google+ circles don’t really look good as what the advertisements show, it’s just like a simple grouping of contacts which you can also do in other social networks like Facebook.

    • Stb Hrnndz

      Eeerm, yes, bcoz you happened to know how to use Facebook first day you jumped into it…

      Couldn’t pass past, – I know how to use facebook and since Google+ doesn’t work the same, Facebook is bette- r… user-friendly? or you are just used to?… .

      Difference between lists and circles?, one is obligatory for people to accustom to, the other  http://goo.gl/2tBz, not so much so, not so sure in Facebook being any better than its walled quandary of a platform.

  4. You can still make “circles’ on Facebook, it’s called friend lists.  It’s exactly what circles does, but Google+ makes it easier and it is fundamental in Google+.  Everything you do and share in Google+ depends on how you make your circles.  In Facebook, everyone is your friend first then you group them in lists.

  5. Wilbertolau

    you forget one thing big:  google plus also allow you to download your own data!!  that is a boon for user control

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