1. Ladygomburza

    What do you think who is telling the truth?But some people says that based on the record of Marian Rivera, it’s easy to pick if who is telling the truth.

  2. CallCenterGuy

    I’ve heared both sides and read some blogs on what was really happened. My symphaty goes to Marian Rivera. Heart is just jealous because Daniel choose Marian to be his future leading lady. Poor Heart , she’s trying to make people believe her, even it’s obvious that it’s her fault. Lovi and Rufa Mae is on Marian side.

  3. Don’t be fooled, it was Heart who got enraged when Daniel Matsunaga expressed he wants to work with Marian for his next project. Heart got jealous of MR and she started provoking Marian saying she wanted to do lovescenes wih Dingdong in her next project. MR confronted Heart and she thought everything was settled. But lo, and behold, Heart still made a big fuss of it and involved her Mom who lashed out at MR at the airport wih the police, as confirmed by Rufa Mae. It is clear MR is saying the truth here as she was all clueless during the TI movie press con. She felt betrayed. Heart is a very calculating person and she wants to smear MR’s name so she would be destroyed as a the Primetime Queen. MR is an easy target because she had the same accusations from Bela Padilla and Heart thought it would be believable if she says the same story. Well, MR’s fans know better. And MR has been through so many smear campaigns before and this, too, would pass.

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