1. anthony velasquez

    bakit ung power plug it mahina d2 sa laguna area..sayang nmn bili ko di ko nmn magamit eh ..1245 pa nmn cya eh

  2. Last December 30th, I bought the Starter Plug-It for 995. I was happy because it says I have 120 INTERNET hours for FREE. But last night, January 4th, I couldn’t connect to the Internet. I re-loaded it and voila, it’s back on! I guess 120 INTERNET hours starts from the time you first used your plug-it, and runs continuously even when you disconnected it. Does anyone have a similar experience? 

  3. JasonAstig

    i agree with this post. sun rarely has signal in our place. globe slows down to a halt most of the time.  i have been with smart bro for months now. 

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