1. Many shows which “trended” on Twitter whether GMA, ABS or TV5 flopped in the ratings like The Biggest Loser and Capt Barbell, so it doesn’t mean trending means the show is that popular among the masses.

    And if you read about recent social media studies, those who are active on Twitter are just 1-5% of the total Twitter account holders. And in the USA, they have found out that some Twitter followers are bogus accounts to make a particular celebrity or politican appear “most followed.”

    Add to that the fact that a single tweet can be ret-tweeted a thousand times by a single person, so, it is not an accurate gauge.

    Amaya and Munting Heredera, which in the past month got phenomenal 16% in AGB, appear to be the record holders in popularity these days. By the way, AGB has more panel homes and TV network subscribers like TV5, Solar TV and GMA compared to Kantar which has lesser TV panels and has only ABS-CBN as its sole TV network subscriber.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Gym.  That’s true, the trending doesn’t mean it’s popular with the masses.  It’s not a perfect gauge for popularity.  This article merely says that on social networking sites, especially on Twitter,  ABS-CBN shows appear to trend more.

  2. Cherrieslastra

    When i woke up in the morning,tv start from:Kris tv/Showtime of course/after that HBO/Maria la del Barrio/Tv Patrol/100 days in heaven while watching also AMAYA/Munting heredera/Minsan lng Kitang iibgin,huh!!i love COCO MARTIN and AMY AUSTRIA/Big losser/Pure  Love/NHK till i fall asleep..

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