1. Chickz

    i appreciate the CHERRY MOBILE coz it more cheaper than other phone.. i had my samsung galaxy and i sell it coz i enjoy using TITAN, more convenient, more fun using the WIFI so i would like to buy this SUPERION…

    • hi. in terms of specs the cherry pad turbo is better. it has 1.2GHz CPU and the OS is Android 2.3 gingerbread.  camera on the Cherry Pad Turbo is lower though.  It has 2 MP versus the Superion’s 3MP

      • Avzde10287

        thanks, but one more question. it doesn’t have 3g right?-i mean the turbo pad..and how about the sensors of turbo pad.because i’m leaning towards buying a superion not until techie guys like you give me some words that would help me on which one’s the better..of buying. agian thanks. appreciate it.

  2. Avzde10287

    hello. sir just wanna ask- on you own point of view which one of the two CM has to offer

  3. Aldas, Rhalf E.

    wow sana bigay nyo nalang sa akin yan… balang araw magtratrabaho rin ako dyan sa cherry mobile.. i love gagets kasi.

  4. Botsok_triskelion

    i won’t say that Superion is the best one available
    the processor is a bit slow if you are going to look
    and compare to the others available on the market

    price wise, if you have 14k php cash on hand
    i would suggest wait and add a bit on your budget
    since 21k php for a Galaxy Tab wont be really a pain

    since you have a better AndroidOS, faster processor,
    better GPU in its chipset…and have a manufacturer
    support across a well-known brand. =)

  5. For sure, this Cherry Mobile Superion will go places especially here in the Philippines. 
    Most Pinoys want to have hippy and quality gadgets. And this one possesses these two qualities
    (so do all Cherry Mobile gadgets).

  6. Water

    I really appreciate it that you take some time to review brand names like Cherry that are not considered as popular as Samsung / Nokia / Apple, etc. 

    It gives us an insight with regards to the quality / performance of their devices which helps us satisfy our interest in these devices because of their low prices compared to other similar products.

    Hoping for more reviews like this in the future! (I am also hoping for reviews of other similar brand names like Cherry, Torque, etc. :D)

    Keep up the good work!

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