1. Mon

    I’ve tried this when the distributor tested its sale at half the price in one of the forums. It sure is bang for the buck

  2. Are there stores I can go to test these babies out? I’m liking what you say about comfort and noise isolation but I don’t particularly like bass-y tunes.

      • Medox_558

        Hi! I’ve been wanting to test and almost bought all in-ear earphones that I saw in malls. It’s because my jvc blue in-ear (with foam tips) is already damaged. Its sound is great and I’ve been searching and wanting to replace it with great one also. I’ve tried Audio Technica, which is great also, except its bass. Philips. Koss. Ultimate Ears (UE). Sony. Skull Candy. See, almost all. My latest is the UE. Average in sound quality though. Now, you’ve mentioned three stores but I don’t really know their locations. I wanna try Brainwavz Beta. Help me with its location so I can buy one. Thanks a lot. And nice review. Thumbs up!

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