1. Sarahorlan

    the logo is not as solid as globe..they must have designed something innovative yet simply amazing..which would make all people wow when they came across the logo..anyways logo is just a representation,the services are not..they must improve it as “amazing” as they can..

  2. Jun Pyo

    PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone) the MOTHER Company of SMART,
    Talk & Text, Red Mobile would acquire or rather foster Sun
    Cellular…..making the Biggest Telecom Company in SouthEast Asia…..maybe
    they are a fan of the Korean Series Boys Over Flowers…SHINWAH Group –
    the most powerful & wealthiest company that could deliver every
    business deals as they wish………….

    About the NEW LOGO of SMART …. this is their way of saying “Live life extraordinarily – simply amazing”

    If you would notice lately there have been system enhancements for both Smart networks & Sun Cellular… first, the signal strength of both companies has become stronger – they even become uniform in nature” but then the mobile broadband will surely follow….since this is a merger of the giant companies, we should expect more of them in the following days…………………….

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