1. JoyceBacani

    Good day! I’d like to invite you to visit our new website, Vigattindeals.com, the hottest deals and promotion website in the Philippines. We offer huge discounts on of food, products, travel and services from our various partners throughout the country. Please try our offer; you will surely like them. Great deals within your reach at more than 50% off. Enjoy the best offers you never encountered before!

    Thank you and God bless!

  2. hi everyone… just want to share things… i found a new website… but its not like these deals sites… http://www.zingpinoy.com... i got this keyboard cups, and its really cool… my friend saw my new keyboard cups… and he said he saw itt in a mall… its P400… but i got it only for 340 at zingpinoy with free delivery… cool enough eh? 🙂

    btw… i think they are concentrating on filipinos around the world… because as you can see on their logo.. it says “Forget the BOX, more value for your BUCKS”
    check it out guys…

  3. kris

    Not really a fan of daily deal sites anymore, since i started noticing that alot of the deals arent deals at all, especially the travel ‘deals’. Most of those travel deals when i calculated where actually double the price from thwat i could buy myself! Also travel deals, watch out for being charged per person for the flight and hotel, but hotels in asia are usually price per room. I caclutated a recent DEAL to boracay on a deal site, they were selling it for 30,000 pesos for 2 (As a deal), with lots of restrictions and terms and conditions. I could have bought that exact same deal, same hotel etc 14,000 pesos for two people! So the ‘DEAL site’ was DOUBLE THE PRICE from what i could have paid. Wont be using them anymore.

    Also my GF used to buy deals all the time, when we went through her deals the other day about half of them she had forgotten to use within the claim period etc!

    Deal sites are still pretty good at food deals though, and massages/spa deals.

  4. Edwin

    I tursted weemall.com ok yung mga Promo nila. I always get almost 50off sa Factory sale nila.  share ko lang mga kapatid. 🙂 

  5. MArky Ramos

    i trusted metrodeal.com ilang beses nako nakabili sa kanila!  of course follow the instructions, sa ibang products nila need mo talaga mag pareserve 🙂 grabe panira ung cleverbuy napanood ko sa news…

  6. Lim

    ganito pala kadami mga group buying site ngayon sa pinas. di ko pa nakikita dito yung http://www.godeals.ph bago lang siguro.nakaka gulat yung mga nababasa kong comment sa ibang group buying site at sa na balita na cleverbuy.ano pa ba mga bagong dito?

  7. So which one is the most trusted? I have purchased 3 items from Ensosgo to much dismay. I was not able to claim my items in their office yesterday. Though my Vouchers are valid, they said they could not get in touch with the merchant! What a rip off! Not to mention a waste of gas, parking fee, time and effort to get to their office on my lunch hour.

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