1. christgabrino1

    thanks witribe :} happy ako sa bilis ng internet nyo sana laging ganito 3 years ko ng gamit to hanggang ngayon di parin nag babago ang speed kahit 512 kbps lang..tuloy nyo lang yan and god blees you. im Mac [email protected] City

  2. wag kayo maniwala sa wi-tribe….isang  GAGONG COMPANY YAN…magpayaman  for our on sake…ganun…wi-tribe subs aq dati…..ung 1000 a month equal lang niyan sa download…6 GIG…gago at ulol pala yn…sa GLOBE a day nila 800mb…so multiply mo sa 30 day….so 24,000 mb or 240 gig…pareho lang ng bayad..1000k din…saan  kp…..wag kayo maniwala sa matatamis na sentence nila…porket english ang advertisement…madami naloko dyan

  3. guest

    Just recently purchased a wi-tribe prepaid stick. it came with a 15 day unlimited internet @ 2mbps, i would say it is fast for web browsing since there is not much latency compared to smart or globe, it reloads web pages faster, but if you are looking at download speeds, or streaming, it is slower compared to smart/globe. i’m in Cainta, the signal is good. so far smart ang mabilis dito, hindi nga lang consistent (as you know nagloloko ang smart sometimes, and globe sucks coz of data capping.)

  4. krim

    i actually plan to purchase this product because of the choices of speed they offered and for me this is really cool, but i have a doubt about the consistency and speed of its connection. i really don’t know if ywork is telling the truth especially by promoting the service that provides by this product.. i have lost my interest in the performance of globe, smart and sun not because i heard a lot of disgusting comments but i also tried them already.. this is why i am constantly searching for the comments for those that uses this product…

  5. ywork

    been a long time user of wi-tribe.  both postpaid and prepaid.  Their prepaid service is surprisingly very good.  I regularly reload the 512kbps every 15 days and I get consistent speeds.  sobrang sulit kesa sa ibang prepaid. sa globe or smart, P200 will only last you 1 to 2 days of inconsistent speeds.  if you subscribe to their unli promos, I heard that they assign you to a group where the speeds are slower because all of the promo availers are all in that group.  there are times I only get 20kbps to 50kbps with globe or smart prepaid.  With wi-tribe’s prepaid stick, consistent ang speeds everytime I log on.  I give wi-tribe prepaid two thumbs up.  As for the postpaid service, one thumb up lang hehe.  

  6. Fjcisleta

    had to try four 7-eleven stores…..baka me list sila saang 7-eleven stores…tas yung iba 7 eleven, parang ala talaga alam…parang gulat pa na ngayon lang narinig yug wi-tribe e me poster cla sa counter…..kainis…kung pwede lang online na lang e…

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