1. MichaelFritz

    nkakaamazed lng mkita ko mga comments dto, kla ko may hwak akong time machine.
    pro ito lng mssbi ko, till nw buhay na buhay prin galaxy y ko, no problems at all. I use it as my gps map/locator, wifi hotspot, wifi security camera and also for music tripping. 🙂

  2. rebben

    Pde patulong kung paano ma save ung apps sa sd card …. kasi problem ko pag nagdownload ako napupunta sa internal phone hindi sa sd card pa help plss….

  3. Mj_balino18

    kaka bili q lng ng phone sa cellboy 3 weeks ago 6,749.00 samsung galaxy young .. kya lng ang prob d gumagana ang back key at menu key.. plss help me..pra d na aq pnta sa cell shop..

  4. _cutify_

    plz..help me , what should i do my samsung galaxy young white gt-s5360 have a troubleshoot regarding all network i can’t connect 3 weeks already i have no signal bar.. plz help me..

  5. Eveningyvonne

    got mine for 2,000 petot and for its price, its a GREAT DEAL!
    Though it is an low-end budget phone, it can still compete with high-end phones. What does S2 or the iPhone has to offer that the totoro does not have? I did a review myself about its limitation and how to easily fix the device limitations (http://writerjj.hubpages.com/hub/Problems-Limitations-and-Disadvantages-of-Samsung-Galaxy-Y-or-Totoro)
    Case in point the only problem you can’t solve is the screen size (which is already acceptable) and the meager camera features.

  6. awww…naapprove ang sun ko and eto ang choice ko na phone! mahilig pa naman ako mag picture 🙁 hindi ko pa nakukuha ang phone pero parang ayaw ko na tuloy ituloy 🙁 mas mataas pa yung pixel  nung my phone ko?

  7. jhez lorico

    I personally used both Galaxy Y and Alcatel 918N and from my evaluation, Alcatel’s 918N raped Galaxy Y badly hehehe…

    For php6k price range, 918N is the bang for the buck android phone as of now.

  8. james craig

     The Alcatel maybe a good alternative for this phone, in regards with the specs and performance but people will also think of its resale value as hindi ganun kalaki yung market ng Alcatel in the Philippines. 

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  9. Anonymous

    IMO, Alcatel wins in the Dual Sim category and screen size quality. In terms of Speed, 832Mhz is fast but take in consideration that it’s the screen size of Galaxy Y that turned me off on purchasing it. Alcatel on the other hand has bigger screen size and this is the advantage that the unit has.

    Im not a Samsung nor Alcatel fanboy but again in my opinion, Alcatel has the advantage in terms of comparison with Galaxy Y over the price range.

    Just my 2 cents

  10. Migs Calleja

    I personally think the review is spot-on.

    1) 832 MHz sounds good compared to other phones in the same price range, but that higher processor is let down by the disappointingly low RAM. I can get better performance out of my LG Optimus One even with its 600 MHz processor because it runs on 512MB RAM.

    2) I was trying to help my cousin root his Galaxy Y a couple of weeks ago, which was my first time to handle this type of phone. My first reaction upon handling it was ‘this screen quality is kinda bad’. The smaller screen size is no excuse – the Xperia X8 managed much higher pixel quality with the same screensize a long time ago and is even available now for roughly the same price as the Galaxy Y.

    If you really need an Android phone on a budget and would be able to save up P6K for it, I suggest saving up another P1-P1.5K and getting the Optimus One instead.

  11. 832Mhz vs 650Mhz? hmm a video comparison between Galaxy Y and OT-918N will be helpful… for me, the one who is snappier is the winner

    can you do this for us technobaboy?

  12. Anonymous

    For a price of less than 6K+ I’d say this phone is good. I’m not saying its the best under the 6K price but it’s good.

    It is expected that you can’t expect much from a 6k+ phone. I’m also using Galaxy Y. I have few complaints, such as camera quality not good, sometimes (if not most of the time) it lags. It’s kinda slow. response time is sometimes slow especially when you have installed to many apps. But remember it’s only a 6K phone. My Sony Ericson W700 was worth 12K, but Galaxy Y is far better than my previous phone.

    So basically what I am saying is, we can’t compare one phone from another which are not on the same bracket price. 

    I think TB just wrote what he thinks about the phone. I haven’t tried other phones so I can’t say if the Galaxy  Y is the best phone for the 6K price bracket or not.

    But considering it’s price, generally the phone is good. ^_^

  13. Allan

    When I got the phone, I was not expecting something great because of the price it came with and I downgraded from an Iphone 4. The Alcatel maybe a good alternative for this phone, in regards with the specs and performance but people will also think of its resale value as hindi ganun kalaki yung market ng Alcatel in the Philippines. Just my two cents. Good review!

  14. Anonymous

    Haha. Natawa naman ako sa violent reactions.  I’m no Samsung hater as in fact I just bought a Galaxy Nexus.  And I’m not comparing the Galaxy Y to high end phones.  I am trying to be objective here.  The screen is bad, the camera is bad. Since you are asking for an alternative, check out the Alcatel Blaze Glory 918N.  There is a photo above.  I will also review this unit. First impressions? It’s faster compared to the Galaxy Y and has bigger screen and higher resolution.  If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourselves. The price is P5990.

    • Anonymous

      i’m not a brand hater. i’m a gadget lover 🙂 good thing it survived a few drops.  as i did not do a drop test, your experience is a testament that the galaxy y can survive drops. thanks for sharing.

  15. Egoy_b

    I can see a Samsung hater here. I have bought mine a month ago and I have no problem with the unit. Samsung Galaxy Y is the best Android phone in the price range of 6K under. Maybe this guy reviewed s different phone. 

    • Anonymous

      it’s the same phone i reviewed mind you. though i didn’t do a drop test so yeah, maybe the phone ca handle a few drops 🙂 It’s not the best under 6k. 

  16. Ambinp

    awts. I bought it 1 month ago. From a first-time android user’s perspective, I find the phone a bang for the buck. I have read forums as well and they were very satisfied with the phone. The screen may be small but typing on it came very fast and easy after a few days even I have big thumbs. If you’ve been using high-end phones sir, you’re making a wrong comparison and you’re certainly the wrong person to review this phone. Could you tell me which phone would be better than Galaxy Y at a price of P5,900+, a Cherry Mobile, a Torque one?

    • Babayblue

      Tama!!! How can you compare a entry level from a high end smartphone? i mean 6k from samsung is already a steal. Torque technobaboy?

        • i dont think Samsung Galaxy Y is a bad choice,

          i had one and i am very happy and satisfied because its cheap and i can do things like I phone.heheheh

          anyways i love Korea so i love there products as well.:)

          • for the price its not a bad choice. the point here is that the Galaxy Y is not the best for the price range and the review merely pointed out the weaknesses of the galaxy y.  

            • what is the basically problem from this phone samsung galaxy young …….i should research for that phone there many people said… this phone is many disadvantages like unworking  with the menu key and the back key……like problem in unworking wifi connection……..i should be doubtful to buy this phone in december……. rather than i will research properly and check the nice specs and the disadvantages about samsung galaxy y…..i want really i wont disapoint in buying this phone…….what is the nice and benefit phone from me? SAMSUNG GALAXY YOUNG or SAMSUNG GALAXY POCKET….

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