1. Romester_Ph

    I lost my iPhone 4S weeks ago and I am actually torn between getting this or buy a second 4S unit. I am a fan of the fact that this runs damn smoothly despite of the not-so-high-end hardware. I mean getting a 4S would give me the vast variety of apps, plus the sleekness and smoothness of the OS, however, I somehow think that for the specifications of the Lumia 900, the 27-30K price range is just too high – due to the idea that the processors and all are not top-notch, and the availability of apps are way limited, and apps in the MS marketplace are actually quite pricey.

    The HTC One X also looks promising but knowing Android, it’s fast and smooth during your first few weeks of device usage, and begins to lag once you start filling your phone with contents – this is one reason why I think I am an Android-hater.

  2. Looks like Windows is learning from Apple. iMACs are running at underpowered PCs but they run intensely fast and it’s because of their OS. Might want to get the Lumia prolly this year. Looks like a promising phone. Processors are not everything.

  3. Anonymous

    Too bad for Nokia, before Lumia 900 reached shores other than US’ AT&T, people are already toying their competitors’ smartphones which specs are superior than Lumia 900. Too slow Nokia, too slow…

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