1. Anonymous

    Samsung all black front doesn’t mesh with white? huh??? ….are you kidding? How is it any different from the Nokia’s black front with white rim????  

    But anyway, you know CrApple would cry foul if the front was all white. Although I can’t stand the WHITE iPhones either. Not only because it makes it’s puny 3.5″ screen look even smaller, but tell me when was the last time was that you’ve seen a WHITE rimmed HDTV? Yeah…. and out in sunlight, the screen glare on a full white face is unbearable. Frankly the white is only for girls or prissy men  focused only on looks not actual performance and functions! …..no white phone I’ve ever seen looks even close to good even just after a few months use. Which defeats the purpose of opting for the less functional but pretty when new only WHITE phone!!! Yeah…. I guess you could say I hate stark WHITE as a hand carried mobile device color!!!  

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