1. Alvin Hartin

    Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet). For example, email. The name comes from the common use of a cloud-shaped symbol as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it contains in system diagrams. Cloud computing entrusts remote services with a user’s data, software and computation.”

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  2.  I think it is good user friendly resource for current generation…I like it’s all feature and by this headset we can easily connecting with our friend on any time….Please any body tell me how much exact price it in usa…Thanks 

  3. Hmmm… So basically, this is better than the Galaxy Mini? I have the Mini from 1 year ago and it slows down, they don’t update the firmware and easily runs out of space…

  4. kenbill

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  5. AnaIvanovic2

    I’m surprised you actually gave this phone a good rating. At Php 13,990, there are FAR better phones out there. The lowly 480×320 screen alone should scream “SCAM!!!” given the price. And the terrible ARM11-based SOC it uses… This isn’t much faster than the Galaxy Y! Can you imagine a hollowed-out Toyota Camry with an engine from a Vios being sold at the real Camry’s price? That’s the Galaxy Ace Plus, just like the old Galaxy Ace.

    If you ever get to review the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini which costs around Php 10K, you’d realize how much of a fail the Galaxy Ace Plus is. It has a 480×320 screen that’s of better quality and has a much faster processor. The Mini has a Snapdragon S2 QSD8255 (Cortex A8 + Adreno 205) while the Ace Plus has a pathetic unnamed Snapdragon S1 (ARM11 + Adreno 200). Also, the HTC Explorer is another HVGA device that will clobber the Ace Plus at a lower price — it has an unnamed Snapdragon S2 SOC (albeit Cortex A5-based, and is slower than the one on the Mini, but much faster than the Ace Plus).

    Hmm… What else can be had at around 14K Php? *points at a bunch of phones with WVGA screens and Cortex A8-based processors*

  6. It is not that good of a phone, okay, it’s an android phone but you could get the same specs but a smaller screen on a galaxy Y, and its way cheaper too, I was actually thinking about getting an ace but for its price it wasn’t worth it

  7. Sana po may comparison kayo side by side ng Ace Plus at Ace 2? I am so confuse with that two. Samsung is just making a lot of phones, leaving there buyer very confuse and troubled. Napakarami na nilang unit nilalabas every month, ang binili mo ng 16k last month, will just worth 8k after 2 or 3 mos. That very disappointing. 

    • this is actually a complicated question. dual core ought to be “faster” since there are two cores doing the task. it’s therefore ideal for multi-tasking and playing games or watching HD videos. For apps built for the dual core structure, processing should be faster.  For apps that need only a single core processor, meaning it will disregard the dual-core nature of the CPU, a single core with higher clock speed would be ideal. For overall use, i’d go for 800MHz dual core since with two cores, the overall speed could almost duplicate the 1.4GHz of the single core.  

    • AnaIvanovic2

      The Ace Plus IS NOT dual-core. In addition, the Ace Plus uses an chip that’s ARM11-based. The current crop of mid-range phones like the Galaxy W, Xperia Neo V, iPhone 4, etc. all use Cortex A8-based chips. The high-end phones like the Xperia S, Galaxy S II, iPhone 4S, HTC Sensation, etc. all use Cortex A9-based chips.

      In simple words, the Ace Plus is A LOT slower than the Galaxy W. If you want something fast for the same price, get the Huawei Honor. It has the same Snapdragon QSD8255T on the Galaxy W @ Php 14K SRP.

      • nnamdi kalu

        analvaoic2 its not obvious becuase of how he wrote it but hes saying the samung galaxy ace 2 not ace plus has a dual core 800mhz processor. and look it up the samsung galaxy ace 2 has a dual core 800 mhz (cortex a9 cpu)with 768 mb of ram. (it uses the novathor from sony erricsonss new line of cpu’s)…

  8. Adrian Maaliw

    confused ako about sa ace plus and sa ace 2(in gsmarena)
    ace 2 screen res is 800×480, 800mhz dual core, 1500mah bat, 5mp

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