1. jayvee beltran

    hi!I will ask only if do you have any plan for macbook pro laptop.?
    I hope you will response me as soon as you get this message.thanks have a nice day.

  2. Bcty

    Smart Tagum CUSTOMER SERVICE sucks!!! I inquired about the requirements re: itr gross of 420,000 min would be enough. when we went back they said it should be net.

    so we inquird about re:credit card and said credit limit should be 25thou. but since we had other appointments for that day we decide to apply for it the following day. when i wnt back the following day, i asked to clarify. the woman in charge of the application said it should be 30thou credit limit and so i said okay, i want to apply, and then she said that “ay maam dapat pala more than 30thou credit limit mo kasi meron pa kaming presumed credit limit”.

    frustrated, angry, ano ba talaga miss? pwede ma mag training kayo ulit para hindi kayo pabago bago ng requirements! sad to sya globe service is way better than yours!


  3. Jineveeholic

    I am torn between plan 1000 with 1gb data and plan 2000 with unlidata. May I ask how much bandwidth an average guy can use within a month? I have wifi on office and house…

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