1. Go into itunes, click on your iphone in the under devices section on the left hand side.Then you will see all the options for configuring your iphone on the right of the screen.Select ‘info’ (after summary) and check the box “synch contacts with” and then choose google contacts.
    Enter your gmail details and sync the iphone in iTunes and all your contacts should transfer no problem.
    There are several ways to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android. You can use the Gmail Contacts Sync or third party apps.

  2. Bensute

    Nice article. Or you can simply download a program called Backuptrans Android Contacts to iPhone Transfer to help. SMS messages transferring is also supported.

  3. Maya

    I was also searching for an app to get my Android contacts to my new iPhone and tried the Google Sync that Tony mentioned. I don’t know why, but it just didn’t sync to my iPhone. But I managed to transfer my contacts in exporting them from Google to my PC and to import them to my iPhone using CopyTrans  Contacts a third party app. 

  4. Sarah_saeed_

    the way you describe how to transfer contacts from android to iphone is amazingly understandable, easy to follow instructions…thankyou so much!

  5. Eric

    Nice. This would probably be the typical scenario for phone users nowadays (from Android to iOS or vice versa).

    But as for me, I have a X1-01 dual-sim phone and I want to transfer contacts to my iPhone. The S40 phone is so basic that it doesn’t have USB connection whatsoever. I used to import from SIM but for this case, it won’t work (normal SIM won’t fit in micro SIM card bay). So I am manually transferring numbers.

    Any tips?

  6. Tuly

    Nice info. I use a program called VeryAndroid Contacts backup that can transfer contacts to android from other phones(iPhone, Windows Mobile, Nokia, Blackberry etc). Also works great.

  7. Nice article Technobadboy – but this is only one way to do it.  Our app Migration+ makes it even easier (no need to connect your phones to a computer) and better (you can import your contacts to any account setup on on your Android phone or “My Device”, not just a Gmail account).  I encourage you to check it out @ http://www.intuvio.com 

  8. Lea

    yey! thanks for this. I don’t have an iPhone4s but this is really good info. Now, I have a question. How do i transfer my Nokia contacts to my android phone? Doing it manually (inputting contact numbers one by one) is so tedious. Thanks. 🙂

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