1. Nhojmeister

    I bought an HTC Desire V and it’s a complete waste of money! The signal consistently drops even on areas where you often get full strength. You would always need to restart your phone to get that “full bar-signal” back. That, and when you call, it disables the other sim making you unreachable even through text messages! So if you have long conversations using one sim, be sure you’re not expecting an important message on the other because you’ll only receive it once you’re done with the call. Such a waste of money. With the price, could have bought  a decent dual core android phone.

  2. Yup.. Mahal siya for the specs… Try One V… Mas ok yung specs and only around 13000-15000… Ang pinagkaiba lang is the dual sim and 5000+ na ang pagitan????!!! tsk tsk… I’ll get one v na lang and a cheap dual sim (around 2000) phone to accommodate my three sim cards… 🙁

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