1. vee

    MIne has a problem. The button doesnt actually follow the click.. i cant get to work. seems it has a mind of its own. I tried it with my ipod and Samsung Galaxy tab and Galaxy Ace plus, all with the same result. I will return it to the store today and hopefully i could get a replacement. (cross fingers)

  2. Subterfuge_05

    Where can I buy one? I’ve been searching for a-Jays earphones in major malls but I can’t seem to find a store that sells it..Need your help.

  3. jam

    hello. just want to ask .. what is the difference between a-jays one plus to a-jays? is it compatible to sony ericson xperia ray?? please reply.

  4. I think this a-JAYS one earphone will suit any mobile gadgets requiring this accessory.     The design is detailed and seems bring a comfortable feeling as you wear. It has a remote and mic that can work with 
     most , Samsung, BlackBerry, Sony, Nokia, Motorola and Apple devices like the MacBook, iPhone, iPad and iPod.  

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