1. Maztermind

    is it compatible with Cherry Mobile w500 (TITAN)??

    ….by the way im selling brandNew condition of “sony smartwatch”, you can contact me @ 09486128753 and im from QC.

  2. Brian Frianeza

    I think it’s compatible with most of the Android-powered phones out in the market today.  I’m using it with my HTC One X on ICS. 🙂

  3. Beamxiao

    oh and btw, where is Sony Concept Store? i’ve been desperately looking for this device and saw one in Singapore but the sales clerk couldn’t tell me if it will work as a watch only not if not connected to any Android smartphone. He doesn’t give me a sure answer. Thanks!

  4. Beamxiao

    will it function as a timepiece device even though i don’t have android smarthpone? i just like the design and intended to use as a watch only. Thanks!

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