1. Well, its a must know news by gadget users or those who love latest gadgets. For sure a lot of them will crave for this new iphone5 and ipad to be released this September. Let’s see how long these gadgets will be in the market.

  2. Albert_Blog

    Albert-Techie (UK) Now On Sale, Unlocked iPhone 4S / Galaxy S3 gt-i9300 In Factory Box…Smartphone,Android,Tablets,Gadget&Accessories, Exclusive Offer for all International buyer’s @ affordable prices!!! Offer valid while stock last safety delivery @ your Doorstep!!!

    Update Offer Prices:

    Apple iPhone 4 8GB,,,£170 (Black,White)

    iPhone 4s:
    16GB,,,£300 (Black,White)
    32GB,,,£340 (Black,White)
    64GB,,,£390 (Black,White)

    Galaxy S3 gt-i9300 (16gb),,£300
    Galaxy S3 gt-i9300 (32gb),,£350
    Galaxy S3 gt-i9300 (64gb),,£390
    Available in color’s (Black,Mable White,Pebble Blue)

    Inquiry Details:
    Albert Morrison
    Email: Albert_Tech@techie.com


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