1. nealnayan

    This is nealnayan and i am form bangladesh. I was looking for some of the informational in this post. I think i am lucky to find your article. I really wish that i could meet you. Come to my country i will show everything about our country and will discuss something about your subject.

    My address is
    Khulna, Bangladesh.My facebook id- http://facebook.com/dimond.nayan . Skype id- dimondnayan .I have a blog related to the program. Please come and give me your expert opinion.
    PC world

  2. This is too expensive. Smart’s Php 3,500 monthly with 42Mbps and a cap of 10GB is not practical. Only the rich few will get this unless they lower the price and offer it on prepaid. Why would I get this if I already have a fast wired broadband service? I’m currently subscribed to SkyBroadband’s plan 3Mbps bundled with SkyCable Gold. When  I’m out I have my trusty prepaid Smart Bro and Globe Tattoo Broadband with me. I’ve been using it for 3 years. Now I’m planning to upgrade to Smart Bro Rocket Plug-it and Globe’s 4G Flash. These dongles are affordable and has prepaid options.

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