1. nealnayan

    This is nealnayan and i am form bangladesh. I was looking for some of the informational in this post. I think i am lucky to find your article. I really wish that i could meet you. Come to my country i will show everything about our country and will discuss something about your subject.

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    PC world

  2. Jontu44

    The design looks similar to the lower-end model, Optimus L7.  I just entered an event on LG’s facebook page.  If I win, I will get a free Optimus 4X HD or L7.  Either one of them is just good enough for me.  (This reminded me of an event from facebook.  You can participate in it and win the previous model, Optimus L7.  It is on LG facebook and called Qick Memo.)

  3. Wreek888

    Poor software update that keeps me not to buy LG anymore. Until now no upgrade yet for first dual core the optimus 2x

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