1. cheri

    I am very excited for the iPad Mini! I have heard all sorts of rumors about what the specs will be, and one that I hope is true is that it will be in a variety of colors. I know I will definitely be one to buy the Mini, just for the fact it will fit better in my hands and my purse. I would still keep my regular iPad as well to use in the home. I am very excited for the announcement on Tuesday, because I have been looking for a smaller tablet ever since my co-worker from DISH was talking about the rumors. I really just want it to be able to take it with me out of the house, especially with all the new shows and new fall season here, to watch live TV on the DISH Remote Access app so I don’t have to miss any of the shows this season. I know the iPad Mini will most likely be a little more expensive than the other small tablets, but it will be well worth it.

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