1. theson

    This GOUNLI Promo is robbing and cheating Globe Prepaid subscriber. I have tried it also on my android phone many time. Access to FB and Yahoo is bad. The access is fast in the beginning, only for a few minutes, and then you cannot open your FB or Yahoo in the succeeding minutes. It will also consume your load if you leave your mobile data on after your subscription to GOUNLI HAS EXPIRED. It is unquestionably a highway robbery in broad daylight.

  2. growers

    This is a scam from GLOBE, I tried to do unli30 and send to 8888, I got their info saying that it is activated. I still got some load 30+, and call somebody and then it cut after 5 mins and saying that my load is Php 5 and need to reload. OMG I thought I got the promo, but then again I called their support saying that my I need to reload my phone to use the feature… what do you think im going to do? of course I got MAD and told her again what happen. Already talked to 3 agents and still the same spills. @#[email protected]#$^ this part in my case is not a good experience from GLOBE!

    I repeat they will NOT do any if this happen to you they will only speak to you over and over unlimited spills. All you can do is to hung and do nothing.

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