1. noneofyabusiness

    kung papipiliin ako ng quality, i’d rather choose nexus 7, but of course kung sa porma lang ang paguusapan apple ipad mini ako 😀

  2. Bonnie Joy

    When you factor in connectivity on them which no reviewers ever really seem to do, the Nexus 7 is way better value. I’ve only used Android Gingerbread on a Lenovo A1 7in Tablet and was pleasantly surprised by it. I am sure that Android 4.1 is infinitely superior too. 3G connectivity is crucial I don’t see the point in buying one of these devices without it, and for me as a traveller mapping and GPS is also very important. When you compare the spec/price point of the two devises with these things in mind again the Nexus 7 wins hands down. I think if the marketing is done well and a paradigm shift takes place amongst the Apple aficionados the Nexus could really open up the the market in a way that will benefit the consumer immensely. For that reason I will buy one [Nexus 7 w/3G] and encourage others to as well.

  3. ben

    para sakin tama lang na ganyan kataas ang presyo ng apple products. Dahil ang binabayaran mo dito ay yung quality nung product. oonga sabihin na natin na mas mabalis yan kaysa sa ipad mini. pero ang tanong matibay ba yan? wag lang price ang tignan niyo tignan niyo rin kung matibay ito.

  4. Sa price lagi ang una kong tingin Nexus 7 ako dito kung nasa $200-270 lang sana ang iPad Mini. Oh well para saan at apple pa ang logo kung hindi naman over priced ang product.

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