1. Lexter John Mamporte

    Thanks Paul for sharing your experience about the Cherry Mobile Blaze. Now I know what are the “downs” of this smartphone. I’m relying on the reviews of smartphones at ZizBang http://www.zizbang.com/. Although its mainly international concerns, I think we can post local smartphones too. 

  2. Eva Will

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  3. Paul

    A few more cons: As of now there are no compatible case for this new smartphone. Battery consumption is very fast due to the 1500 mAh battery capacity. I’m bringing a mini backup phone  power with me to solve this “juice drainage” concern.  

    • KP

      Try the NQ Android Booster. Not so sure with the name but just search it on Google Play. It’s what I use right now, makes my batter life last 50% more.

  4. Paul

    This new phone is my first Cherry Mobile encounter. 1. So far some of the negatives: I can’t turn off the English text predictive while using the regular simple key-pad. 2. I’m unable to delete any of the empty pages from the “Home Page”.  Other than these two so far the rest all all positive points. Overall, I’m vey happy with it & all the folks that saw & thought it was the S3 🙂 

    • KP

      Been there, done that! 🙂 I just forgot how I did it with my Flare, but you can remove those red lines. Just get under the hood. Konting kalikot lang here and there.

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