1. Hi Technobaboy! Thanks for this info. I just want to know if it is safe to download this software. Had a scare last month when I downloaded a free software and my browsers (chrome, IE and Firefox) were replaced by searchnu.com/406 search tool. I thought it was a virus or a malware and I was in panic mode LOL. According to some net forums, it was a virus, a worm, a malaware. Turned out it wasn’t. I really wanted to download some videos from You Tube and there are lots of file downloaders available on the internet but I don’t know which of them is the safest to download. Thanks. 🙂

  2. xtink

    I use JDownloader. Works great.. Plus when you download from a link, you can readily choose which file format to download (i.e. flv, mp4 or mp3 if you want audio only) and various resolutions for videos.

  3. I recommend this “Internet Download Manager” it download ALL kind of format including Videos & it will make it fast to download the file. The download of video is the same it will show at the top right corner of the video screen.

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