1. Jander

    Nokia Lumia 920 not as good as iphone 5 and sg3? Have you had the chance to review the lumia 920? Aside from the lack of apps which is microsoft’s shortcomings and not nokia’s, lumia 920 is way better than both iphone 5 & sg3. I’ve been using my lumia 920 for more than a month. I am a previous iphone user and played with the latest ios6 update. I also have the first note and the latest android update. I can tell you my experience on all 3 OSes. Camera, hardware, durability plus UI of the WP8 os makes the lumia 920 stand out against this two anytime. We are responders and even if i have my gloves on i can use my lumia 920. Try it on your iphone 5 and sg3. So pls straighten your facts before stating that misleading statement of yours.

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