1. boomerwhang

    Rebranded na Ainol Venus nga siya. Mabagal siya, yung Antutu benchmark niya sobrang baba, 5,500 lang kaya pala ang bagal (mas mabilis pa cell phone ko). Mahina gpu at processor nito.

  2. carl

    seriously? 1 GHz? Eve if its Quad-core, I don’t think 1 GHz is enough for that. most of the people will use tablets for games and skype and other social networking sites. and ATM7029 processor? come on. and this is wifi only. sad.

  3. raymond reyes

    yes, i will definitely buy a cm fusion bolt tablet. i am very fascinated with a high spec gadget that’s truly budget friendly. i got a cm flare and i love it. just waiting for the bolt to be in the market.

  4. Marx Josef

    Kaya naman nila siguro mataas na storage capacity tapos i add nila Bluetooth, Sim with 4G, & Longer battery life… Kahit 10K bili ako…

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