1. If only the Snapdragon 600 was already available by the time Sony launched the Xperia Z then I will go with Sony. S4 Pro isn’t outdated yet it’s just that Snapdragon 600 is a better processor. I would like to comment about the screen of the Optimus G Pro and Xperia Z, the Z has a TFT screen which makes the phone’s performance poor when it comes to its viewing angles but nevertheless is still a good phone to consider especially the design and reliability coz it is the only phone that uses Dragontrail glass from front to back so expect it to be scratch proof. The G Pro on the other hand has a better screen compared to the S4’s screen and on par with the One coz G Pro and One produces the best color and viewing angles. G Pro, One and Z produces real whites and lighter blacks compared to the S4’s bluish whites but deeper blacks. For me, all of these phones are on par with each other and S4 isn’t the King coz Samsung has a very bad feel in the hands coz they are known to make plastic devices which don’t feel premium for the price while Sony’s and HTC’s flagships have the best unibody design and feel with a tempered shatter proof glass on the Z from front to back and a very nice brushed aluminum on the One. I know LG’s G Pro got a plastic feel as well but at least they do not crack that easily and I haven’t seen one that actually has unlike on my previous device S3 which had a crack below the phone, beside the charging area. FYI Qualcomm on the S4 will only be available in the US because of Exynos’ compatibility with LTE bands like the ones in AT&T so in the Philippines and in most parts of Asia, Exynos Octa will be available.

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