1. JimmyJJames

    BridgePilar Try connecting it to something else. Maybe the problem is with the phone coupling. Maybe they’re not compatible … They should be but try something else to see if it’s the Rapoo or the Samsung.

  2. BridgePilar

    I have a Samsung J5 and it wouldn’t connect to it, I can’t discover it. I haven’t uses it for 1 year maybe there’s a problem with that, what should I do?

  3. angelinandy

    I have this in white. I can say it’s really of good quality since it still worked well after 2 years of abandoning this, to the point that I didn’t even charge this for so long and just found this inside the stock room. I thought I lost it but when I found it, the leather-like thing stuffed with foam has withered and worn off and I thought that I’d just give this to someone instead. But when I tried charging it, to my surprise it still worked as good as before. I just wiped all the dirt off with a cotton moistened with soap and I removed all the leather-like thing that has withered over time. I crocheted a pair of ear muffs to house the ear pieces and it’s much more comfortable. I change the crocheted ear muffs every 2-3 weeks to maintain the hygiene.

  4. igcseguy

    is there a service center for the rapoo here in the philippines. i bought the same model in indonesia and now it starting to destroy the skin of the cover. I just want to fix it because it doesnt look good. I hope you can help me thanks

  5. JDSkajd

    Wee You must let the battery completely drain empty and then the red light will be normal again.
    This will take a long time to drain the battery as it is only the red LED light which is using the power. It may take days and days if your battery is full.

  6. Dee

    Can’t on it when it was for long time I didn’t use it. When I charge it last night, still can’t on it.
    Any idea what wrong?


  7. Indy K

    @jes There are many issues that appear once you use it on win7,  and since there are no driver that can be downloaded anywhere, practically there is nothing you can do about it. In my case, I tride to use it in two different pc using win7. The first one having trouble with detecting the driver (so it cannot be used), and the second one always having trouble everytime you turn on your pc, it always asks to pair up again and again, and eventually it won’t paired at all. 
    But somehow I find it very easy if I use it on my android tablet, so I’m using it for my tablet now, and it runs with no problem at all.

  8. Wee

    The red light on mine stays on(even when I’m not charging it) and I can’t turn it off/on, still waiting for a response from rapoo but I’m wondering if there’s anyway svc centers in the philippines this rapoo.

    • ikoymaster

      NgKhinSheng single short press on the button if for answering calls and play/pause music.. long press the power button to reject calls… 

      cheers… I just bought mine earlier and so far so good..

  9. okuy

    I bought one of these yesterday but until now, my ipod nor my laptop still cannot connect.. just a waste of money..

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