1. less budget

    help!!!!! when my tablet is fully lowbat i try to charge it but i can’t the boy said that when i charge it, it needs a light to know that it’s charging but it has no light… and my tablet also hanging every time i play minecraft… pls. fix this!!!!

  2. help me

    help please! because my engage 7+’s camera can’t open, it says ‘unfortunately, gallery has stopped’. what should i do?

  3. help!!! the volume min and max in the screen beside the screenshot just disappeared, so every time i will change the volume of my starmobile engage 7 basic i will go to settings just to set-up the volume, i cannot do shortcut just to set-up the volume anymore. pls help me!! anyone!!

  4. AggeusJoax

    it keeps on hanging every now and then. i returned it to the store where i purchased for service, after one week of waiting, they just told me that they see no problem, so now i still keep on resetting every moment.

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