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  1. keekimaru2

    The Canon EOS 70D is the company’s latest mid-range DSLR, featuring a
    20.2 Megapixel APS-C sensor, Full HD video, a fully articulated
    touch-screen monitor, built-in Wifi and an innovative new autofocusing
    system which promises far superior performance during Live View and
    movies. Announced in July 2013, it comes three years after the EOS 60D
    and replaces that model, slotting between the EOS T5i / 700D and the
    increasingly aged EOS 7D.
    As with most new Canon DSLRs, the
    EOS 70D borrows elements from existing models and repackages them with
    at least one brand new feature. In terms of the former, the EOS 70D
    inherits the 19-point all cross-type AF sensor of the EOS 7D, the
    built-in Wifi of the EOS 6D (but not its GPS), and the fully-articulated
    touch-screen display of the EOS T4i / 650D.
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