1. Lyrehs

    Yeah just for a few thousand bucks you can get yourself a branded one but u wont get the same specs,branded fones which has the same specs as that of CM cosmos series would probably cost u around 25-30k, and it still depends on how and what kind of fone user u are….i just hope lng na after sales wont be that bad,i think i go for the cosmos s

  2. Joyluck_614

    I hope the price would be cheaper ^_^ Filipino Phone for Every Juan! I would prefer buying branded phone and adding little amount.

  3. xxxpd777

    I’m so frustrated with the Starmobile Knight and the 3month hype. Too much waiting lead me to Cherry Mobile Cosmos. Now i’m glad that there’s something Bigger than a galaxy and brighter than the star.

  4. Vern

    If you’re going to based it on price, it certainly will not be that of a hit. But if everyone will be looking at the specs, yes it’s gonna be a hit. But others will always think that if they add a few thousands then they might be close to buying a branded phone.

  5. FerdinandMarte

    To those who like to buy these new CM phones but find the price high – dont buy now because the price will come down soon – guaranteed! You can dig up CM’s pricing track record and you will notice it. My Blaze cost P6,499 way back Dec 2012. Now it’s selling for just 4999 (or is it 3999??). That’s just in a span of 6 mos!!!! Wait, then Buy.

  6. une

    yeah i agree to allenching  bec. filipinos are sensitive when it comes with money, this phones are really cool but CM hit the market a bit not the other CM units with a cheap price really hit the market bec. of it’s lower price

  7. allenching

    Specs are awesome. Nearly as good if not better than branded smartphones based on paper. Although if CM really intends to capture the philippine mkt it would be better to price the phones below the 10k threshold as filipinos tend to be price sensitive. Just got my ohd 2.0 3days ago and at its price and specs i’m already satisfied. I don’ think i’d be willing to shell out more than 9k for the phone though.

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