1. keekimaru2

    iPad mini vs Nexus7 to Compare
    Google and Apple have been competing in mobile for a few years now, and it has reached a point where users of any skill level could switch from one OS to the other with very little difficulty. Both options offer an impressive user experience with app stores filled with more quality apps than anyone could reasonably expect to download and install, much less use.
    The biggest differences now are with hardware, specifically display quality, performance, and battery life. With that in mind, you can, and should, consider the 7-inch tablet competition as the Retina iPad mini versus the Nexus 7.
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  2. TechSucker

    Better price and better quality. Nexus 7. I think ill buy this once it is released in the philippines. From what i know ipad mini 2 will not be release this year, i think early 2014.

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