1. NateCortez

    Whooooooa! Another surprise from LG! Can’t wait to have my hands on those
    curves! 🙂 No wonder they won an award on the  recent Mobile World Congress,

  2. JonLeison

    There’s no doubt that LG is actually a game player in this arena. LG G Flex is a testament how LG continuously revolutionize smartphones. They have serve the justice well in coming up with innovative, user adaptability gadget.

    More praises to this product! More powers to LG.

  3. JustinePauloSmith

    Yes, LG G Flex truly deserves this kind of award. No wonder it has been recognized with a Gold Reward at the iF Design Awards 2014. It is the first android phone that came up with this kind of design. Very sexy in appeal. Simple yet elegant. Another thing that makes it extraordinary is the self-healing feature at the back of the phone. Scratches on the phone will be removed in a period of time. Isn’t it amazing? This is the true innovation of design! Congratulations to LG for winning the said award! After MWC, you made it again to the iF Design Awards. Thumbs up! 🙂

  4. i think it is!
    with the unique design and self- healing features that counter scratches it is really intuitive and innovatie,it really deserves praises and recognition.

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