1. aze

    markmarkmark  you really hate HTC to bones hahaha. this is the same line that i can read on other  tech blogs.

  2. markmarkmark

    I bought my HTC ONE last September 2013 from an authorized dealer.  My camera had the purple tint issue and was fixed after I personally went to the service center and demanded they replace the camera in my phone. I waited 1 month to get it back since they had to import the parts to be used. Two days after receiving it, my HTC one started to vibrate on it’s own even when it was turned off. Now, it’s still with the service center waiting to be fixed. This will be my last HTC phone. All the hassle and stress of owning one is not worth it. I should have bought a Samsung or an iPhone instead. This is not in isolated incident, just google it and you’ll see them all. HTC has no office here in the Philippines as advised by one of their customer service agents via email to expect that it would be difficult to get a refund if ever you bet on buying a HTC.

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