1. Marvin P. Bermudez

    Also for Flip Cover, Leather Case, atbp nabasa ko pwede daw yung mga for ME170C. I’ve yet to try that, I’ll post it kapag tama nga.

  2. Marvin P. Bermudez

    Oo, since hindi sinabi kung anong protection type ng Glass ng Memo Pad 7 eh pinalagyan na namen agad. 200php lang, personalized pero kuhang kuha nung gumupit yung hugist ng screen. Most SM Malls have that Shop na nag personalize nun.

  3. Marvin P. Bermudez

    I already got the Memo Pad 7 ME70CX (16GB) from Lazada Philippines and I could say it’s quite a deal. Built is plasticky but hence it’s quite sturdy nonetheless, my device has this creaky sound if I put pressure on the upper left corner where the sd slot is located but aside from that it’s quite good. Screen quality, well from my view on a better ppi device I say It’s not really good but for the price I paid for, it’s enough. No light sensor so no auto brightness but there won’t be any issues sliding it on lowest it’s still bright enough even under the sun, other sensors is working well like Gyro and the GPS. Sound is mid level. Battery, well for 7″ screen having only 3,200mAh I say if it lasts 5 hours on heavy usage then it’s good then. Overall it’s a good mid level device, serves it’s purpose well and what’s good is it’s Under 5,000php. Good Deal.

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