Asus UX21 Ultrathin Laptop Specs, Photos

  Asus has a Macbook Air killer in its hands.  If there is any laptop that can compete head-on with Apple’s slimmest, it’s the just unveiled Asus UX21. At the recently held Computex 2011 event in Taiwan, Asus revealed its latest ultrathin laptop with 11.6 inches screen and measuring only 3mm at its thinnest part … [Read more…]

Hyundai Accent 2011 Philippines: Specs, Price and Photos

  Hyundai has come a long way as a car manufacturer.  It is amazing how this Korean company has dramatically changed its image in just a few years.  If you see the current line-up of vehicles from Hyundai, you would think that they were made by a European automaker. Hyundai’s recent car designs are truly … [Read more…]

Cherry Mobile Android Phones: Cosmo, Nova, Orbit, Magnum HD

  Cherry Mobile has earned a reputation in the mobile phone industry for coming out with affordable handsets.  With the rise in popularity of Google’s Android OS, Cherry Mobile has given us Filipinos cheaper alternatives to the Android offering of phone giants like Samsung, LG and HTC. Cherry Mobile’s handsets are not meant to compete … [Read more…]

Asus Padfone Unveiled, Specs and Features Detailed

  Asus just unveiled a unique product at the Computex event in Taiwan.  Capitalizing on the popularity of smartphones and tablets, Asus came up with the Padfone. The Padfone is composed of two devices:  a smartphone that can be used as a standalone phone, and a tablet dock which can house the phone and operates … [Read more…]

HTC Wildfire S to Arrive Next Week With P14,995 Price Tag

  The HTC Wildfire S, a follow up to the budget Android phone Wildfire, will be available in the Philippines starting next week according to reports.   The retail price for this handset is Php14,995, just a little cheaper than the Php15,500 price of the original Wildfire.  So what do you get from the Wildfire S? How … [Read more…]

What is LTE and Why Should We Care as Consumers?

  Smart Communications currently launched LTE for its mobile network in the Philippines.  What exactly is LTE and why should we care as consumers? What is LTE? LTE or Long Term Evolution is a mobile broadband standard that evolved from GSM, EDGE and HSPA network technologies.  LTE is here because of a partnership known as 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership … [Read more…]

Google Wallet Lets You Pay Using Your Mobile Phone

  Credit cards are convenient replacement for cash but not everyone can get them and using them still requires a few steps and also uses up a few minutes of your time.  The popularity of mobile phones presented another way to make payment easier and quicker.  This technology called NFC makes smartphones not just devices … [Read more…]

Nokia X1-01 and Nokia C2-00 Dual-SIM Phones, Specs, Price, Photos

  Nokia recently announced two dual-SIM handsets, the Nokia X1-01 and the Nokia C2-00.  Nokia promises that these phones offer a Dual SIM experience “superior to any other models on the market, remembering the settings for up to five different SIM cards – and with no compromise on battery life, music features or messaging”. Nokia’s … [Read more…]

Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Features

  Microsoft is facing an uphill climb against Apple and Google.  Apple has a runaway success with its iOS while Android is gaining momentum with its Android OS.  Microsoft is late to the game but it has recently made huge progress with its Windows Phone OS.  We expect for updates to keep coming and right … [Read more…]

Plants vs Zombies Coming to Android in June

  Ever played the game Plants vs Zombies on your computer?  It’s a popular game that pits plants against, well, zombies.  The gameplay involves the use of different kinds of plants with varying powers in order to prevent the zombies from reaching your camp.  You put spitting plants in front of the zombies to kill … [Read more…]

How to Do Screen Capture on Android Without Rooting Your Phone

  I have been looking for a way to do screen capture on my Android phone without having to resort to rooting.  Screen capture is a fairly easy trick to implement on a smartphone and comes natively on the iPhone.  However, Google has not included this feature on Android phones possibly for security reasons. There … [Read more…]

Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo Specs, Features and Price

  The Xperia Neo was announced by Sony Ericsson along with the Xperia Arc.  Although the two share most features, what distinguishes the Xperia Neo is the design.  It has a smaller display and while the Xperia Arc is slim with a concave back, the Xperia Neo is thicker and has a protruding back. Sony … [Read more…]