Cisco Launches Linksys RE1000 Range Extender and WES610N Entertainment Bridge

  Wireless networking brand Cisco recently announced two products for home use, the Linksys RE1000 Range Extender and the Linksys WES610N Entertainment Bridge.  These new devices are meant to solve “dead spots” and connectivity issues experienced by users whenever they link onto wireless home networks. The Linksys RE1000 Range Extender is for users that have weak … [Read more…]

10 Most Watched YouTube Videos in 2011, Maria Aragon is No. 8

  YouTube has published a list of the most watched videos for 2011.  This something new from what I know but it’s certainly something welcome. Rebecca Black’s Friday music video tops the list but this one became popular because it is the most disliked video on YouTube.  It was even pulled down for a time … [Read more…]

Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 Review

  The Samsung Galaxy Y is arguably one of the hottest handsets today and I’d like to think it’s because of the price.  The “Y”  in Galaxy Y stands for Young so this phone is obviously aimed at the young demographic with only a few thousand pesos to spare for a cellphone.   The Samsung … [Read more…]

Motorola Android Devices Found to Have Infringed One Microsoft Patent

  Google’s Android OS takes another blow. The US International Trade Commission just issued a ruling on a patent complaint filed by Microsoft against Motorola.  The ruling held that Motorola’s Android devices infringe a patent owned by Microsoft. The patent involved is US Patent No. 6,370,566, that lets users “schedule an appointment anytime, anywhere, and invite … [Read more…]

Audio Technica ATH-XS5 and ATH-XS7 Headphones Review

  Audio-Technica has been in the audio accessories business for quite some time now and has already released a slew of consumer and professional audio products.  But even if the name has been in the industry for a long time, I have to admit this is the first time I was able to use Audio … [Read more…]

Archos 70b Internet Tablet Launched, Sports 1.2GHz CPU and Honeycomb for Only $199

  Android tablets are getting cheaper and cheaper.  Blame it on the ultra cheap Kindle Fire and the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet, or the fact that Android tablet makers are scrambling for the tiny market share not controlled by Apple’s iPad.  But whatever the actual reason, the Android tablets are just getting cheaper. Archos … [Read more…]

Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note to Get Ice Cream Sandwich Update in Q1 2012

  Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy Note owners should rejoice.  These devices will be the first Samsung Galaxy devices to get the Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich update according to Samsung electronics.   The company just announced its plan to provide the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for GALAXY devices in … [Read more…]

Seagate Now Officially Owns Samsung’s Hard Drive Business

    Seagate’s and Samsung’s strategic agreement that includes extensive supply and cross-licensing arrangements are now fully operational. Seagate recently made an announcement about the completion of the agreement where the company essentially acquires the hard disk drive (HDD) business of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. The transaction was announced back in April 2011.  Under transaction, … [Read more…]

Apple Wins Against HTC in the US, Sale of HTC Devices Banned

The United States International Trade Commission recently issued a ruling in a patent case filed by Apple against HTC.  The ruling was in favor of Apple and as a result, HTC devices using the patents involved will be banned from the US market.  According to the ITC, HTC devices infringe patent #5,946,647 which involves a function that … [Read more…]

iPhone 4S Hands-On, First Impressions

  This is not a review of the iPhone 4S by any means, though I plan on doing one soon. Although the iPhone 4S is already out in the Philippines, I was check a unit out in Hong Kong where the phone has been available for quite some time now. The iPhone 4S, as many … [Read more…]

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX90 Wi-Fi Enabled Digital Camera

  It’s really only a matter of time before Wi-Fi connectivity becomes a standard camera feature.  Wi-Fi connectivity is starting to be a necessity nowadays with the increasing popularity of social networking and photo-sharing sites. If you’re looking for a Wi-Fi digital camera, you may want to check Panasonic’s new shooter.  The company just released … [Read more…]

LG Prada 3.0 Android Phone Launched

  LG and Prada has extended their mobile phone partnership with the announcement of the new LG Prada 3.0 smartphone.   This is the third device that came out of the partnership, the first two being the LG Prada and the LG Prada II handsets. The LG Prada 3.0 is again more of a design collaboration … [Read more…]