Ness Computing Creates Personalized Search Engine, Grabs Domain


Ness Computing believes that the next big thing in search is personalized or subjective search.  Google is king when it comes to objective search but Ness Computing is convinced that subjective search also needs to be covered.  Hence, the company has been working on a technology for a highly personalized search engine that it hopes to launch in the coming weeks.

Ness Computing’s search engine involves building a recommendation engine that uses social data from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Gowalla, and other places, and of course, the search engine itself that will deliver the results.  The system is described as a “Likeness Engine” and this is apparently where the “Ness” name comes from.

Ness Computing now owns the domain.  If you visit the site, there is sign up window where you can enter your email for instant notification when the site goes live.

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  1. Is Google really objective? They have personalised search results as well, just don’t talk about it :)

    • haha :) yeah, google takes other non-objective data into account. this ness search engine however is wholly based on subjective, personal data.  

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