Alibaba Unveils Cloud-Based Aliyun Mobile OS

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Alibaba Cloud Computing recently unveiled a cloud-based mobile operating system called Aliyun OS.

Being a cloud-based OS, Aliyun will feature cloud services like e-mail, Internet search, weather updates and GPS navigation tools.  With Aliyun users should be able to synchronize, store and back-up data to Alibaba’s remote data center.  They can also access and update data across PCs and mobile devices.  Aliyun supports web-based apps, which means there’s no need to download or install applications on the mobile device.

Alibaba claims it will provide each Aliyun user with a total of 100 gigabytes of data storage.  What’s interesting about the Aliyun OS is that it is compatible with Android-based applications.

Together with the launch of Aliyun OS, Alibaba also unveiled the K-Touch Cloud-Smart Phone W700, the first mobile phone to run on the new OS.


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