Just got word from Smart Bro people that a 12mbps prepaid dongle will be launched soon.   Yes, that’s 12mbps of internet speed goodness.

The new product is called Smart Bro Rocket Plug-It that uses a Huawei E353 HSPA+ USB dongle.  The good thing about the Smart Bro Rocket Plug-It is it will be offered as a prepaid broadband stick, although the user will have to pay Php3,995 for the device.  Not bad if in exchange you get a fast mobile internet connection.

There’s one other good thing about this new offering from Smart Bro: the same prepaid internet rates will apply.  That means you pay for the same P10 per 30 minutes or P20 per hour charges.

Smart claims that it currently has about 150 HSPA+ sites in key areas nationwide, so hopefully a lot of people will be able to enjoy this.  The question now is, will it be able to deliver the 12mbps promised optimal speed?  Frankly, I’ll be a happy internet surfer if I can get even half of that speed.

The Smart Bro Rocket Plug-It will be launched this week.


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  1. don’t forget to tweak the dns settings under the tcp/ip of windows networking, by adding and 8.8.44 etc. so on so forth. ^_^

  2. nyek di ba kayo nagbabasa.. nakasulat nga sa site nila maaabot mo lang daw ung 12 mbps na speed kapag naka always on promo ka.. Un ung unlimited surfing pero may data plan.. Hindi mo maaabot ung 12 mbps speed kapag hindi ka naka subscribe sa always on promo..

  3. 3g repeater Reply

    If I can got the 12Mbps Speed using the smart bro rocket then its very surprising for me. Because getting speed at this level is a huge thing which I have to enjoy and great for doing work fast.

  4. Joshua Cariño Reply

    Ganda ah..12mbps wireless connection, correct me if im wrong 3995 a month ang presyo noh??wala bang data limit yan???yung per day na data limit??kasi kung meron, wag na lan din,,,please reply.. :)

  5. tantsa ko lang malakas lang naman signal kapag “REGULAR LOAD” PARA PA GASTUSIN NILA YUNG mga tao ng sobra sobra!!!!  pag naka unli surf ako 1day point something lang yung bilis pero pag regular lakas kumain ng load sabay taas internet nangyari na sakin yan F… U… SMART!!!

  6. bulok nga itong rocket dati aabot 6mbps ngayon di na umaabot 1mbps nasa .5 to .9 nalang, hahaay!

  7. Paolo Clinxr Reply

    Does Normal fee ng Smart (1day internet 50) is capable of getting speed up to 12MBPS? pagkabasa ko kasi if ur using Normal fee, u wont get near that speed

  8. Thanks, great review to the important points. Some really great thoughts here, very comprehensive.  I appriciate that!

  9. Letcheng Smart yan.. pwd naman i upgrade nila  ung old smart bro plug-it ..bkt kailngan pa mag pauso ng bago?.. shmpre.. pera pera nga nmn talaga oh..o kya palitan kht my replacement fee(pero dapat mababa lang).. pra hnd nmn masayang ung smart bro plug-it namin.. dami nyo pauso Smart..pero laging bulok.. sana hindi bulok yang rocket plug-it nyo..


  10. Jaydee021403 Reply

    Use VPN…like PD-Proxy, Tsunami, Mango, Wi-free etc…that is, if you like speed at very low cost with your Smart Bro or Globe Tattoo…

  11. NTC, DTI  and government should  penalize Smart and other telcos with misleading and false advertisements with their broadband speeds. NTC should require a live testing of at least 1 month – nationwide – to test and see the actual data transmission speed, measure and tag it. and give Government  Signal Grade Ratings.If telcos pass the ratings, they can go sell their products,  NTC should open a hotline for consumers getting below advertised speeds. (simple as doing a speedtest snapshot as proof). As we  know that wireless technology is ever changing and unpredictable at times, but this should not be turned into a rule of thumb.
    wireless repeaters and antennas and hardware were first designed to give optimal performance and speed. unless some cheating telco is putting a script that limits 3G or 4G speeds. or overloads that line desgined to handle 50 clients, with 100 users logging in simultaneously. and for sure these telcos never really considered those doing torrents. then they should change their advertisements into : Yahoo Mail speed only. No Streaming You Tube, Torrents : Impossible.       

  12. web design london Reply

    I used both modems in 3g places. but still its just like I’m in GPRS places.

  13. so? if that’s the case? our old smartbro will be thrown to trash if we will going to buy this plug it!!!!!! my goodness!!!!!! as of now we are experiencing stupidity in terms of signal…..at first okay but as time goes by the speed decreases… is this a way of convincing your consumers to purchase this new product?

  14. Well if I would know, in other countries the speed is GUARANTEED. but why not here? I suggest that if you are going to buy this Smartbro Rocket Plug-it, make sure you’re in the right place(4G network places) or else you’ll regret the money you just Swindled with the SMART Co.

  15. I am so not believing about this nonsense 12 mbps. I bought the first plug-it MF627(up to 2 mbps), then Power plug-it(up to 3.6) Mbps, The speed is just the same. I dont even get 1/4 of the promised Speeds. I used both modems in 3g places. but still its just like I’m in GPRS places. When we’ve gone to manila to see my uncle, i used power plug-it,and wow what a surprise the internet connection is still slow(I’m in 3g). I will be Happy to see if Smartbro is giving Honest service. If I were to recommend? I recommend them to make broadbands and give it’s GUARANTEED speed. 

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