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I’ve written about the features and specs of PLDT’s newest Telpad offering that features the Huawei Ideos S7 Slim Android tablet.  Now if you have questions about the device and the service, I have here an excerpt of the Frequently Asked Questions section posted on PLDT Telpad’s product page.  I only chose the things I believe most people will ask about the service.

Who can get a PLDT Telpad? Existing PLDT myDSL subscribers who are willing to upgrade to any of the 4 Telpad Plans.
What about non-PLDT subscribers? They have to apply first for a PLDT landline and DSL. Once the DSL service has been installed, subscriber may request for an upgrade to the Telpad plan.
Can I buy a PLDT Telpad? No. The Telpad is given to the PLDT Telpad Plan subscriber to be used for free for the entire duration of the subscription.
Is the Telpad mine after the lock-in period? No. just like the regular PLDT landline handset, the Telpad remains to the property of PLDT.
What if the Telpad breaks down after the lock-in period? Most electronics only have a lifespan of 2-3 years. PLDT will be coming up with a retention program similar to that of cellular phone companies.
What if I want to get another Telpad unit, how much do I pay and what does it include? Additional unit requests are not yet available at this time.
If my company has a landline and DSL, can i get a Telpad? Not at this time. The Telpad is currently being offered to residential subscribers.
What is a Telpad? How is it different from a typical landline or desk phone? Telpad is a wired landline phone and Andriod table all in one. Unlike your ordinary telephone, you can do a lot more than make calls with the Telpad. Its other features allow you to browse the internet, play, multimedia and entertainment files such as videos, music, photos and games.
What does the package include? It includes eight items.
1. Handset
2. Docking Station
3. Tablet
4. Power Adapter
5. RJ-9 Telephone Coil Cord
6. RJ-11 Telephone Cord
7. Micro USB Cable
8. User Manual
What are the Telpad tablet specs? The Telpad tablet features a touch base 7-inch displayScreen resolution is 800×480 pixels with high definition video playback capabilities2 megapixel front-facing camera2GB onboard storageMicroSD card slot may support up to 32GB of memoryRuns on Android™ OS 2.2 (Froyo) and supports Adobe Flash PlayerBluetooth Connectivity
Does the Telpad support 3G? At present, there is only a WiFi model of the Telpad
How long is the battery operating hours of the Telpad tablet? The Telpad tablet runs for 40 hours standby time, approximately 4 hours when playing video
Can I charge my Telpad tablet with the USB port? Yes, although USB ports are usually not enough for charging the Telpad due to the electric design of the tablet and the amount of current a USB port typically supplies.
Can I upgrade my Android™ version to the latest version? No. This Telpad model cannot be upgraded to the latest Android™ version. PLDT, however, will be coming up with retention plans and upgrade options once other units are available.
What software or applications will PLDT support? PLDT will only support and maintain the following specifications:
1. PLDT Homescreen
2. Dialer
3. Audio Manager
4. PLDT@Home, Ask PLDT, PLDT Bill.
Software Updates for the PLDT Homscreen, Dialer, and Audio Manager will be made available at the Andy Market.
How would I lock and unlock the Telpad tablet? To Lock: Click the power button once and you will know that the tablet is locked when the backlights turns off.
To Unlock: Click the power button once and touch the lock icon on your screen and slide upward. The home screen will appear once the tablet is unlocked.
Where will be the default storage for contacts? The Telpad’s built-in memory will be the default storage for your contacts. You MUST back-up your contacts before factory resetting the Telpad as you may lose important information.
Can I connect a mouse or keyboard to the Telpad tablet? Yes, you can connect an external keyboard or mouse to the tablet but it can only be functional on selected applications. Not all external mouse or keyboard are compatible with the device.
Does the Telpad come with an SD card? No. The onboard memory of the Telpad will only be 2GB from T-Flash. Note that an SD card is also needed to store more information for other applications to work like camera, e-book reader, games and other download applications.
Can I call using the handset and Telpad tablet dialer at the same time? No. You can only use one mode at a time. However you could swap from a private call (handset) to the tablet and vice versa.
Can I make a call when the Telpad tablet is not docked? Yes, you can do this but using your handset keypad (Line1). Calling using the Telpad tablet (while not resting on the docking station) is not yet available on Telpad’s current offering. When the VoIP (Line2) service becomes available, only then you make calls directly from the tablet if it is docked.
What are the two active lines in using the Dialer? Line1: Landline
Line2: VoIP (Voice over internet protocol)*   *Available Soon


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  1. I have my SD card, I already pu it in but why can’t I use the camera and the gallery even the music? It always says ‘No external storage’. How can I have an external storage???

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    Magkano po ba yung babayaran pag nag pa repair sa pldt at yung sira lang ng telpad is yung LCD?

  3. hindi makita sa computer ang file nang telepad ko gamit ang usb chord paano po 2

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