Cluzee is Siri for Android


One of the hottest smartphone features right now is Siri, a voice-controlled intelligent assistant available on the iPhone 4S.  There are many voice apps available but they mostly do simple voice-dictation or voice search and Siri is so far the only app that can truly be called an intelligent personal assistant. That will change in time since a lot of developers are trying to come up with a similar app.  The first app to show some promise is Cluzee which is available on the Android platform.  Cluzee could be Siri’s first real competition.

Watch this video from Tronton, the company behind Cluzee.


Cluzee converts voice to text to send emails or SMS, reads emails and text messages aloud, pulls down your schedule, gets data from the internet, searches deals depending on the user’s buying habits, researches hotels and flights, finds restaurants based on the user’s personal taste, and more.  This is almost Siri, but it remains to be seen how smooth the app is.

Cluzee is already available for Android phones. Tronton says it will launch a cloud-based version in the future that will be accessible from any phone, tablet, computer or internet-connected device.

Here are a few screenshots of Cluzee app.



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  1. Haha. No one can beat Vangie! ” Hello Vangie…chenes chenes…”

  2. cluzee looks promising but this is a new app and needs to collate more data for it to become more intelligent… also it’s not compatible to some handsets even though the Anroid OS is higher than 2.1. We already tried to install it on my LG Optimus One and Google Market says that it’s not compatible.  Also from the reviews of other users it is closing forcibly so it means it’s still not stable and the rating it’s too low.  I’ve tried speaktoit on my SGS2 and Galaxy Tab and it’s working fine.  Maybe you should try it as well.

      • i’d recommend speaktoit than cluzee… it’s actually more competitive with Siri and came out first as compared to Siri.  And the developers of it are more aggressive than ever to make it as flexible as possible.  Best of all it’s also free and with higher rankings – and also works with galaxy tabs. :)

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