Facebook Timeline Mandatory in the Next Few Weeks; Things to Know About Timeline


Facebook recently made an announcement involving its new Timeline feature.  The social networking site is making Timeline mandatory in the next few weeks, so you might need to start figuring out how the Timeline feature works. In a blog post, Facebook said that “over the next few weeks, everyone will get Timeline”.

In case you didn’t know, Timeline is not optional once it is activated.  There’s nothing you can do to disable the feature, and where previously we had the option not to enable it, Facebook is now forcing it down our throats.  Depending on who you’ll ask, Timeline could be beautiful or utterly confusing.  Aesthetically it’s pleasing, and what I like about it is the huge profile photo.   As to other features, I honestly still don’t know how they work since I’m one of those who prefer the current Facebook profile.  I don’t hate Timeline per se, I just hate having to fix my profile again.

With Facebook Timeline, the start is a bit messy.  Yes, it will be easier for users to tell their story but what makes it hard is choosing the posts, photos, and events that you will include in your timeline.  You might need to hide some of the posts and photos, so you will have to go through every single post since you joined Facebook.  Otherwise, Facebook will choose for you and you might not like how it will turn out.

These are the things you need to remember with Facebook Timeline activation:

Facebook will make Timeline mandatory in the next few weeks.  As to when the exact date will be, on Facebook knows as of now.

You can opt to activate Timeline now by going to or you can wait for Facebook to notify you (via your profile, or some notification in the UI) that the Timeline feature is already active.

You only have 7 days from the activation of Timeline to edit and preview your profile.  Otherwise, if the 7 days lapse, the Timeline will be published and all your friends will see the stuff in your Timeline, unless of course you have opted for some posts to be viewable only to some.  

Use the Lists feature to manage who will see your posts, updates app activity and other data.

Everything you ever did on Facebook is in the Activity Log feature.  Only you can see the Activity Log.  

If you don’t like Timeline, your only option is to delete your account.   So it’s either you start figuring out how it works, or you simply quit Facebook.

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  1. When  I initially started timeline, all my privacy options where intact. All my previous posts during 2010 and so on where still with their customized user list visibility settings. 

    I don’t think this should be an issue. :)

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