Crumpler is Bringing Back its Beer for Bags Promo

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Crumpler, the cool and hip bag brand, is bringing back the Beer for Bags promo.  Crumpler Philippines first brought the promo to the Philippines in 2009 and it’s bringing it back very soon.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s really quite simple.  You trade in cans or bottles of beer for free Crumpler bags.  The beer has to be unconsumed, of course, but all the beer brought for the promo will then be served for free at a party to be held on a certain date.  Crumpler announces what beer brands are required and the specific number of cans or bottles you need to bring in exchange for a particular bag.

Crumpler claims that the first Beer for Bag event was an “’intoxicating and smashing hit among beer lovers, enthusiasts”.  The upcoming Beer for Bags promo shouldn’t be any different.  This sounds like a fun promo, not to mention one of a kind.

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