This is great news, for me at least, and for the throngs of Android users on version 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich. Since I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, I have not been able to use this free voice and text app.  Viber is one of the reasons I wanted to use my iPhone 4 once again as my main phone but now that the app is fully working on Android 4.0, I don’t need to go back to iOS.

Viber took long to update the app and make it compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich, which has been released since about November of last year.  There was a strong demand for the guys behind Viber to fix the compatibility issue and I’m just happy that the recent update did just that.  I hurried to download the recent version of Viber and it’s working perfectly on my Galaxy Nexus.  The previous version simply showed me a blank screen whenever I tried to use it but now, all features and functions are working.  I tried sending texts and making calls and it’s all working.   If you have internet connection all the time, download Viber.  You can save a lot especially if your friends and contacts are also on Viber.

The recent update not only fixed the compatibility issue with Ice Cream Sandwich. It also brings new features like a new voice engine that improves voice quality during calls. It can also now detect a user’s location with one tap and include it in the message.  The app also now has an indicator when someone is typing.   If you are more comfortable typing on landscape mode, Viber now supports this mode.  It can also be used now to send and receive photos.

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  1. hello viber team, would like to know if viber is compatible with alcatel one touch T10 (tablet)…said tablet is using ice cream sandwich…i would really appreciate if you could help me…Thanks!!!

  2. Edith_may08 Reply

    Hi viber team! I would like to ask if viber is compatible with LG optimus black p970 or LG optimus L5? thank you!

    • Hi,

      You can find the full list of officially supported devices here: Android – supported devices

      If your device is not on the list, it doesn’t mean Viber will fail to work for sure. You can still try it out by downloading from PlayStore, and see if it works for you or not :)

  3. hi viber team i desperately need to use vibers latest version but it wont everytime i try installing it on my ainol tab it says application not installed and i have check the unknown source thing that the site told me :)

    • Hi,

      Have you tried the direct link in our official HelpDesk as well?  (link below)

      Please note that Viber does not officially support your Tablet yet (in fact, Viber does not officially support all Tablets in general), and that may be the reason for the problems you are experiencing. Here is the full list of officially supported devices:
      We are continuously working to adapt Viber to more and more devices, and we hope to attend to the problems with your device soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  4. Hi,
    This is a member of the Viber Development Team! :)

    Thanks for the review on Viber!
    The new version, 2.1.5, for Android is available in the Android Market for your upgrade!Please upgrade and let us know what you think :)
    If you have any question about Viber – please feel free to ask.

    Thank you, 
    Viber Team.

        • Waqaar Mohammed Reply

          When can we expect the updated version of Viber for Samsung Ace Plus??

          • We are working these days on an update for Viber for Android, but we still don’t have specific release dates.

            We invite you to follow us on Facebook for the latest news and updates.

      • Viber officially supports Samsung Galaxy Ace, but we haven’t tested it on Ace Plus yet. If there are no dramatic changes in the Plus version, thne Viber should work just fine.

        Try it out and let us know if all works fine :)

        • Waqaar Mohammed Reply

          I installed the viber with galaxy ace plus. Its working but without voice clearity. quality of voice is very bad I hope any updated version of viber will fix this issue!!

          • Sometimes 3G reception could be low, and this is something we cannot control. Naturally this affects Viber’s call quality and results in disruptions and broken sound.
            We are continuously trying to improve our handling of 3G, so you can expect better performance as newer versions of Viber are released.

            Meanwhile, WiFi- WiFi calls on Viber sound generally clear and are free of such disruptions. Is that not the case?

            • Hi,
              I have just purchased new Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus, but when I try to install Viber, it doesn’t show up, by visiting the google plus website, it says, the viber is not compatible with Ace Plus. Is there any something that i am missing?

              • Hi,

                Please try to use this direct link in our official HelpDesk:

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