Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 4S Drop Test

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the new kid in the block so it naturally has to face the old timer, the iPhone 4S.  The videos featured here pit the new Android darling against the latest Apple in drop tests where the phones are dropped from different angles and judged at the end based on the degree of damage absorbed by the handsets.

The first video is from AndroidAuthority which features a drop test not dissimilar to the one it conducted last year between the iPhone and the Galaxy S2.  This time, it’s the Galaxy S3’s turn.  The drop test is not scientific, with the angle of drops varying between phones.  The degree of damage is therefore is based on the angle of drops and hardly scientific or reliable but it’s still interesting to see how these expensive phones are treated like trash and to see which one has more chances of surviving.

The second video is from Square Trade. This outfit is not new when it comes to doing drop tests, having done a few of this kind of experiment in the past pitting competing gadgets.  Square Trade attempts to be a little more specific compared to AndroidAuthority, choosing situations that simulate reality.

Which do you think is the sturdier handset based on the drop tests? Before I watched the video, I picked the Samsung Galaxy S3 to win, only because I know it uses Gorilla Glass 2 to fortify its display.  Watch the videos and see which one gets damaged easily and which one was able to handle more torture.


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